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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

“Nike Davies Okundaye: Building A Family Enterprise” Wins 2012 Emerald And Association Of African Business Schools (AABS) Case Study Competition


VENTURES  AFRICA- Lagos Business School faculty member and Entrepreneurship lecturer, Henrietta Onwuegbuzie, has won the 2012 Emerald and Association of African Business Schools (AABS) Case Study Competition.
The case study “Nike Davies-Okundaye: Building a family social enterprise” was written on a popular Nigerian Entrepreneur, Nike Davies Okundaye. It was co-written by Gordon Adomdza of Northeastern University, Boston, and Fredrick Ogola of Strathmore University, Kenya.

The study on Chief Okundaye’s business is an intriguing case of a social enterprise inspired by the difficult experiences of an entrepreneur who, in spite of her sufferings, was willing to share the little she had to lift others out of poverty.

Case studies are used by business schools to illustrate real-life scenarios for teaching management in the classroom.
“In today’s increasingly capitalist society, the case shows that doing good can still lead to doing very well financially. It testifies that creating social value can precede or go along with wealth creation as opposed to the common belief that amassing wealth should always come before doing good,” she said.

“Today, this entrepreneur owns and manages the biggest art gallery in all West Africa”, Onwuegbuzie said.
Henrietta is also the winner of the 2010/2011 Emerald/ALCS African Management Research Fund Award – “Achieving Sustainable Development through Indigenous Innovation and Entrepreneurship.” Her areas of interest include strategies for entrepreneurial growth in developing countries. She is also on the Governing Council of the African forum in Brussels.

The study contributes to the knowledge of entrepreneurship in Africa and Nigeria in particular. It was also presented by Onwuegbuzie in January this year, at the United States Small Business and Entrepreneurship conference (USASBE, 2012) in New Orleans.

As a reward, Onwuegbuzie, Adomdza and Ogola are awarded US$1,500 .

Michael Goldman with the case study “Growing the Mama & Papas brand” emerged the first runner-up with the sum of US$1,000 while Dr. Ellinami J Minja with the case study of “The Umoja Fund Collective Investment Scheme: Preparing for the End of Lock in Period” won US$500 as the second runner-up.

The next competition will be launched in December 2012.

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